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Slender Man är en fiktiv figur skapad av Victor Surge, pseudonym för Eric Knudsen, i juni 2009. Slender Man brukar framställas som en mager och onaturligt lång man med ett formlöst, vitt ansikte och iklädd svart kostym.Slender Man brukar enligt historierna förfölja, kidnappa eller traumatisera människor, oftast barn. Slender Man är inte bunden till någon speciell historia men. The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a supernatural creature with nebulously defined characteristics and abilities. Slender Man was first mentioned in Something Awful Forum's Create Paranormal Images. He generally appears (in modern times) as a tall humanoid creature in a black or grey suit, red or black tie, and white shirt

Slender Man is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Sylvain White and written by David Birke, based on the character of the same name.The film stars Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Alex Fitzalan, and Taylor Richardson, with Javier Botet as the title character.. Development of the film began in May 2016, with Birke hired to write the script and. Slender Man can create earthquakes and manipulate the weather, such as making it rain, snow, hail, or storm, and have lightning strike down or to conjure up gusts of wind. Slender Man can also use telekinesis to move objects with his mind alone and make others cough up blood. Using technopathy, Slender Man can take control of technology The Slender Man is an alleged paranormal figure purported to have been in existence for centuries, covering a large geographic area. Believers in the Slender Man tie his appearances in with many other legends around the world, including; Fear Dubh (or, The Dark Man) in Scotland, the Dutch Takkenmann (Branch Man), and the German legend of Der Großmann or Der Grosse Mann (the Tall Man). 1.

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  1. Slender Walking: One of Slender man's most infamous of abilities, Slender Walking, is an ability of the Slender Man that allows him to appear and disappear at will, allowing him to teleport from one point to another virtually anywhere instantly and often without any physical indication of the teleportation
  2. utes to watch this informative video regarding many misconceptions among Slender Man fans. It will help you better understand the mythos and fandom, and help prevent you making some common (and embarrassing) mistakes. -PyroGothNerd If you have a blog, video series, movie, or similar form of information and it is related to Slender Man, but cannot be posted on the main wiki.
  3. Slender: The Arrival is the fully-realized, commercial version of Slender: The Eight Pages. It is developed by Blue Isle Studios, in association with Parsec Productions. The game's main storyline was written by the cast of MarbleHornets. The game was released on March 26, 2013 at midnight. The game was later published to Steam on October 28, 2013 containing an extended prologue and a brand new.
  4. Slender Man is a fictional entity created on the Something Awful online forums for a 2009 Photoshop paranormal image contest. The Slender Man mythos was later expanded by a number of other people who created fan fiction and additional artistic depictions of the entity.. Slender Man is a tall, thin character, with a featureless white face and head
  5. Slender Man is the titular main antagonist of the 2012 horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages and its 2013 remake/sequel Slender: The Arrival. It is a tall, pale, faceless humanoid that stalks Oakside Park, torturing and murdering its inhabitants. 1 Biography 1.1 Past 1.2 Slender: The Eight Pages 1.3 Slender: The Arrival 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Though it is unknown who or what.

The Slender Man is a mythological creature that gained fame on the internet, appearing in countless memes, games and creepypasta stories. The appearance of Slender Man leads to many different emotions, the most common being fear. It is believed he abducts children. However, he has been known to attack any human no matter the age. 1 Appearance 2 Abilities 3 Trivia 4 Gallery Slender Man. Slender Man ou Slenderman (de l'anglais « homme élancé », « homme mince » ou encore « homme svelte ») est un personnage de fiction issu d'un mème Internet, créé sur le forum Something Awful (en) par Victor Surge en 2009. Il est rapidement devenu à son tour un mème Internet et a été repris dans de nombreuses créations. D'ailleurs, il est aujourd'hui considéré comme une des. 1 Description 2 Stats 3 Tips 4 Trivia Sketcherman (an entity created during the Sketcherman Event) is a tall, skinny mob capable of teleportation. When hunted, static-like noises are emitted through the game. Similar to the Bevil, his teleportation is random. Walkspeed: 10 Runspeed: 10 Found: Anywhere Rarity: 100000/97.2% (During April Fools Event), 10/0.3% (Currently; after the April Fools.

Slender Man is a tall, faceless entity wearing a suit. He is one of, if not the most popular creepypasta characters in existence and first appeared on the Something Awful forum. 1 History 2 Canon History and Information 3 Who created them? 4 Notable Slender Man Creepypastas 5 References The Slender Man is a supernatural creature with nebulously defined characteristics and abilities. In almost. Take solace in the rain, my children. It only means I'm near. - Slender Man on the EverymanHYBRID Twitter. The Slender Man is the paranormal figure that the Slender Man Mythos is centered around. Der Großmann and the Windigo are just a few examples of local explanations for this creature's existance, which has been reported back hundreds of years on every single inhabited continent. 1. Slender Man (někdy též Slenderman) je fiktivní nadpřirozená postava, která vznikla jako internetová creepypasta vytvořená uživatelem Ericem Knudsenem (známým též jako Victor Surge) na fóru Something Awful v roce 2009. Je popisován jako vyzáblá, nepřirozeně vysoká humanoidní postava v černém obleku a bez obličeje, a ve svých příbězích obvykle pronásleduje. Slender Man o The Slenderman (en español El Hombre Delgado) es un personaje ficticio que se originó como un creepypasta creado por el usuario Victor Surge en los foros Something Awful en 2009. Se le representa como un humanoide delgado y anormalmente alto con una cabeza blanca y sin rostro, vestido con un traje negro y blanco

Slender Man's general appearance consists of a tall figure standing from 6 to 14 feet tall wearing a black suit, white shirt, a black or red tie, black trousers, and black shoes. Slender Man's skin is pale white, and he has no facial features of any kind, although some depict him as having somewhat empty visible eye sockets, nose, and mouth Slender Man (tłum. smukły mężczyzna) - postać fikcyjna, element miejskiej legendy (creepypasty) traktujący o tajemniczej postaci pojawiającej się niespodziewanie i budzącej przerażenie wśród dzieci lub ujawniającej się na zdjęciach.. Opisuje się go jako szczupłą, wysoką osobę noszącą czarny garnitur. Nosi również białą koszulę z czerwonym krawatem

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  1. Slender Man (myös Slenderman, suom. Hoikka mies) on kuvitteellinen hahmo, internet-meemi ja creepypastahahmo, jonka loi Eric Knudsen (tunnetaan myös nimellä Victor Surge) vuonna 2009.Slenderman on mustaan pukeutunut pitkä mies, jolla on piirteettömät kasvot ja toisinaan lonkerot selässä. Slendermanin kerrotaan sieppaavan lapsia
  2. Slender Man ou Slenderman (em português: Homem Esguio - tradução livre) é um personagem fictício sobrenatural que se originou como uma meme da internet criado pelo usuário Eric Knudsen (também conhecido como Victor Surge) no fórum de discussão Something Awful em 2009. [1] Ele é descrito como semelhante a um homem magro, anormalmente alto, com uma cabeça branca e inexpressiva e que.
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  4. In this version, Slender Man also has a possible henchman known as Totheark, although his association with Slender Man is not entirely clear. The series started in 2009, and by 2013 the videos have had over 62,000,000 views while in its third (and reportedly final) season, along with the first two seasons being released on DVD
  5. The Slender Man is an entity that has been sighted all over the world. It is known to wear a black suit with a tie and has long arms. It has no face and is wellknown to have a pale face. The Slender Man is known for kidnapping people because whenever Slender Man is around, people go missing. They are know that no evidence is left behind whenever someone is taken by the Slender Man. It is also.
  6. Slender Man(a.k.a Slenderman) is a mythical creature often depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. According to the legend, he can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Depending on the interpretations of the myth, the creature may cause memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits (nicknamed.
  7. or character in the SMG4 series. He first appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: My Best Friend Slenderman. He also appears in the opening video that automatically starts playing of oneself when you visit SMG4's channel. Unlike his traditional depictions as a horror icon and villain, Slendy is.

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Hello, and welcome to the Slender Man Connection wiki, a subsidiary of the Slenderman Wiki The purpose of this wiki is to catalog characters that are unofficially connected to Slenderman. In our definition, Unofficial refers to characters not directly tied to or related to the Slender Man mythos, but often tangently connected either by fan theory, assumption, or confusion Slender är ett gratis och nedladdningsbart skräck- och uthållighetsspel som släpptes till PC och Mac i juni 2012.Spelet är baserat på fakelorekaraktären Slender Man. Parsec Productions är utvecklarna av spelet som använder sig av spelmotorn Unit

Slender: The Eight Pages (formerly called Slender) is a free-to-play indie-developed first-person survival horror video game released in June 2012 as a beta for Microsoft Windows and OS X by Parsec Productions, using the Unity engine. Developed by Mark J. Hadley, the game is based on the quasi-folklore meme figure known as the Slender Man, who is depicted as a tall humanoid creature wearing a. Please, feel free to write articles that haven't been created yet. Also, please remain consistent with the original work, and stray away from spamming articles with unwanted edits. Please, feel free to clean up any articles unreasonably changed for the lesser good

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Also Called. Slender Man Mimicry/Physiology; Stick Man Mimicry/Physiology; Capabilities. User with this ability either is or can transform into a Slender Entity, an anomalous creature or being with various nebulously defined characteristics and abilities, but the most defined characteristics of a Slender Entity is that of an exaggerated height, abnormally thin stature and long spindly. Slender Man's general appearance consists of a tall figure standing from 6 to 14 feet tall wearing a black suit, white shirt, a black or red tie, black trousers, and black shoes. Slender Man's skin is pale white, and he has no facial features of any kind, although some depict him as having somewhat empty visible eye sockets, nose, and mouth

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Slender Man er en fiktiv internetkarakter, der stammer fra et internetfænomen skabt af Eric Knudsen i 2009. Han er portrætteret som en høj, tynd mand med et hoved, uden ører, øjne, næse, eller mund. Historier om ham omhandler ofte ham der kidnapper eller traumatiserer folk, for det meste børn The Slender Man is an iconic Creepypasta villain alongside Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack and Zalgo. Originally, Slender Man was by Erik Victor Surge Knudsen on Something Awful forums. Later on, people used Erik's work and transformed it into a Creepypasta character today known as Slender Man. As the character progressed, more versions of the character in other media's have been released. The Slender Man is a mythical fairyor ghoulthat is said to wander and roam the deep and dark corners of the woods around the globe. 1 Overview 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and Abilities 5 History 6 Myths and Legends 7 Quotes 8 Gallery 9 Trivia He is notorious for traumatizing and abducting his victims, whom are mostly comprised of children. While his true motives are unknown, they are.

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You might be looking for: His incarnation in The Angel's Game His incarnation in EverymanHYBRID / TribeTwelve His incarnation in Haunt His incarnation from the game series Slender His incarnation from the Windigo film His incarnation from Marble Hornets His incarnation from the 2018 movie His incarnation from the 2016 movie His incarnation from 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts His incarnation from. Slender Man is the main antagonist of the 2018 Sony film of the same name. Much like his other interpretations, his abilities are vague, but unlike his predecessors, his powers seem more internet and mind based. Tier: 9-B Name: Slender Man, HIM, Shadow Person, etc. Origin:Slender Man (2018 Film) Gender: Unknown, referred to as male Age: Unknown Classification: Supernatural evil being Powers. The Slender Man Wiki. 4,234 likes · 1 talking about this. The Slender Man wiki is a collective database of information and tales related to the internet urban legend of the Slender Man Tämä on täsmennyssivu, joka luettelee monimerkityksisen käsitteen eri merkitykset tai useita eri henkilöitä. Kaikki artikkelisivut, joiden nimistä tai teksteistä löytyy Slenderman, voi hakea sivunnimihaulla, laajalla sivunnimihaulla tai tekstihaull Slender Man è un film del 2018 diretto da Sylvain White. La pellicola è basata sull'omonimo personaggio creato da Victor Surge, protagonista di racconti dell'orrore, videogiochi, film e vicende di cronaca Trama. Hallie Knudsen è una giovane studentessa e atleta che vive con la famiglia.

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The Slender Man is a boss in the Forest map featured in the Campaign. He drops the Double Barreled Shotgun upon death. 1 Appearance 2 Behavior 3 Tips 4 Trivia 5 Stats 6 Gallery The Slender Man boss's skin is white, it wears a black coat, a blood red tie, and a faceless head, with blood on its hands. Since the 10.5.0 update, it is much taller than the Slender Zombie and has acquired six. Slender Manis a petrifying creature. Though not being guaranteed as an alien, the Slender Man is not human. He appears as a faceless humanoid creature wearing a black suit and tie, with stretchable limbs which terminate on tendrils. Once its arms are stretched it will hypnotize its victim, leaving him/her helpless. It is said to eat its victims afterwards, although nobody knows for sure. Other. The Slender Man (or Slenderman) is a fictional creature from an Internet meme.It appears as a tall and thin man, wearing a black suit and tie.The man's face is usually blank, without any features. It is said to stalk, abduct, or scare people, especially children.. The Slender Man was originally created on the Internet forum Something Awful in 2009

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Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Slender Man est un film d'horreur américain réalisé par Sylvain White , sorti en 2018 . Il s'agit du premier long métrage à mettre en scène le personnage du Slender Man . Sommaire 1 Synopsis 2 Résumé détaillé 3 Fiche technique 4 Distribution 5 Production 5.1 Genèse et développement 5.2 Distribution des rôles 5.3 Tournage. Slenderman is the subject of the 2012 book 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts by Jack Goldstein and Jimmy Russell. The novel is a dark and semi-comical interpretation of Slenderman, often saying contradictory or humorous feats. This novel also shows Slenderman mainly as a demonic, evil, supernatural, immortal entity who generally kidnaps or kills children. Tier: At least 9-B, likely far. For detailed information about this series, visit the The Slender Man Wiki. 1 Summary 2 Powers of the Verse 3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1 Supporters 3.2 Opponents 3.3 Neutral 4 Characters 4.1 Disambiguation Page 4.2 Web Series 4.3 Films 4.4 Games 4.5 Literature 5 Discussions The Slender Mythos are multiple forms of media all focusing on the titular character of the Slender Man (sometimes.

Le Slender Man est un personnage de fiction issu d'un mème Internet, créé sur le forum Something Awful (en) par Victor Surge en 2009. Il est rapidement devenu à son tour un mème Internet et a été repris dans de nombreuses créations. D'ailleurs, il est aujourd'hui considéré comme une des histoires horrifiques d'Internet les plus populaires. Il s'agit d'une figure paranormale. Slender Man on vuonna 2018 ensi-iltansa saanut yhdysvaltalainen kauhuelokuva, joka perustuu Victor Surgen luomaan videopeli/creepypastahahmoon, Slender Maniin.Elokuvan on ohjannut Sylvain White ja pääosia esittävät Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Alex Fitzalan, Taylor Richardson ja Javier Botet.. Sinclair sai elokuvasta huonoimman naissivuosan Golden. The Slender Man (juga dikenal sebagai Slenderman) adalah karakter fiksi yang berasal dari meme internet yang muncul pertama kali di forum Something Awful oleh pengguna Eric Knudsen dengan nama Victor Surge pada tahun 2009. Karakter fiksi ini digambarkan seperti pria tipis tinggi dengan tanpa wajah, mempunyai tentakel dan mengenakan baju hitam dengan dasi merah Slenderman vs SCP-682 is a what-if? episode of Death Battle and Soupywolf5's Season 1 finale, it pits Slenderman from the Creepypasta of the same name against SCP-682 from the SCP Foundation 1 Description 2 Slenderman 2.1 Background 2.2 Abilities 3 SCP-682 3.1 Background 3.2 Abilities 3.3 Adaptation 3.4 Leviathan Form 4 Intermission 5 Fight! 6 Fight! 7 Kaboom! 8 Badaboom! 8.1 Crunch! 9 K.O! 9. Oryginalna opowieść: Slenderman to pseudonim nadany tajemniczej postaci widzianej w tle kilku zdjęć w jednym z tematów forum Something Awful. Na zdjęciach widniały dzieci oraz pewien tajemniczy człowiek o smukłej sylwetce. Czasami pojawiał się w długich, poskręcanych włosach na myśl przypominających macki. Szczupły mężczyzna został odkryty na forum w wątku skupionym.

The Slender Man is a supernatural bugbear that was created by Edward Knudsen, an elementary school teacher, using the handle Victor Surge, on the Something Awful forums on June 8, 2009. He is usually depicted as a tall, faceless, unnaturally thin male figure in black formal clothes. He abducts or otherwise traumatizes children Slender Man. The Slender Man is a mythical fairy or ghoul that is said to wander and roam the deep and dark corners of the woods around the globe. Thousands of witnesses describe him of being in a black suit, with abnormally long arms, deathly pale skin, unnaturally tall, and with no discernible facial features or characteristics

The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen (a.k.a. Victor Surge) in 2009. It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, wearing a black suit. Stories of the Slender Man commonly feature him stalking, abducting, or traumatizing. Slender Man, also known as the Tall One, the Thin One, or the Unstylish One, is the mostly unknown cousin of Trender Man. He is known for scaring children, brutally murdering people and always wearing the same suit. Trender Man has always had trouble getting his head around that idea - wearing.. Welcome to Slender Mansion! Welcome to the wiki. This wiki was made for fans of the Creepy killers to gather and chat, read their stories, see who the user of the month will be and to see who the Creepypasta of the month will be. You can also vote on the creepypasta of the month. Feel free to add anyway or make your own CP! Our Wiki

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The Original Slender Man is presumably the very first boss made in SF2. Appearing in the early Slender Fortress 2 server, and Demon Hamster's SF2 Server. This one dates back to when Slender Fortress 2 was born, back in 2013, this version of Slender Man is even older than Classic Slenderman. This version of Slender uses the Stop It, Slender! playermodel on Garry's Mod. The first Slender Man. Slender Man. AGE: Several thousands of years. HEIGHT: 7'0. WEIGHT: Unknown. OCCUPATION: N/A. The Slender Man is a mythical entity with an unknown backstory. He haunts children and adults to devour their minds, and souls. Interesingly, the Slender Man is public domain material and thus has no set canon. For purposes of Death Battle, many writers. Damsel herself was getting stalked by Slender Man. HABIT began posting footage of serial killers and the posts seem to imply that HABIT possessed these people to do the crimes. One post involved a man named Nick, in which he says that HABIT had raped his mother to create him. HABIT then possesses Nick and causes him to brutally murder his dog Slender Man was always a tall, faceless figure with a dark suit and long arms, often with tentacles sprouting out of his back, but fans soon filled in the blanks of the mythos with their own ideas as to what he did and why. mdl70/Flickr A sidewalk depiction of Slender Man in 2012

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Slender TitleAdded by Doom63Slender (known as Slender: The Eight Pages as of v0.9.7) is an independently-developed concept game based on the Slender Man mythos. The game centers around an unknown character being chased by the Slender Man in the woods while seeking eight pages scattered about various landmarks.. The game was created by Mark J. Hadley as an experiment Slender Man. 300px. Due to his attire, the Slender Man has been linked to the notorious Men in Black, who are thought to be government agents who harass and threaten UFO witnesses, and who some believe to be aliens themselves who take human form. The only problem is that the Slender Man is actually a fictional character

Slender Man is Splendor Man's younger brother. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Trivia 4 External Links He is pale, completely faceless (unlike Splendy) and wears a black suit with a tie. He's also very slender, as his name implies. Slendy is all about being big and scary, which often worries.. The Slenderman Cometh. The Slender Man by~ Cortair. I once lived a normal life. I was a groundskeeper at a local cemetery. It wasn't the best job, but hey, it paid the bills. I lived alone in an apartment complex that stood about a mile from the cemetery in which I worked. I would spend my time writing short stories about my boring life and the. Slenderman, often referred to as Slender, The Slenderman, The Tall Man, The Operator, etc, is a mythical creature created by Eric Knudsen (AKA Victor Surge) to help support the Creepypasta community; since then it has gained world wide renown and has been the subject of countless photo edits, dozens of games, several movies, and even documentaries on the subject of his existence (notably based.

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Slender Man (sometimes spelt Slenderman) is a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless head and face and wearing a black suit.He typically dwells in forests and other abandoned locations. Slender Man's history, motives, and origin are unknown. He is known for stalking its victims, typically young children and adolescents, before killing them or turning them into his insane followers. Slenderman's Backstory. Once in the small town of Pripyat, Ukraine. There was a small boy about 12 years old (almost at his growth spurt). He was very pale, and had severe anorexia. He didn't like going out during the day and only went out at night to play. He didn't have any friends, the only people who liked him were kids younger than himself The Slender Man is an extradimensional creature that can exist in any series in any media (i.e. Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Phineas and Ferb). He lives in a reality called the Slenderverse, where any character from any fictional source lives, but as a much darker version The Tall Man is the primary antagonist of the Phantasm horror film series and one of the main influences on the Slender Man mythos. Originally a human known as Jebediah Morningside, the Tall Man was a mysterious, malevolent entity disguised as a mortician, who would rob graveyards of their corpses to reanimate them into his vast interdimensional army. He was played by Angus Scrimm in all. The Slender Man is an all-powerful supernatural being who is the source of the Dimensional Bleeding taking place in various universes. He appears as a very tall, thin man in a black suit and tie with an entirely featureless face. He has also been known to grow tentacle-like appendages from his back which have been referred to as cracks in space and time. Although he did not appear during the.

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Slender Man Connection Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. View Mobile Site. Slender Man has no face! Slender Man hunts alone in the woods. In the game, you have too collect 8 pages-which tell how to defeat him. Slender Man tries to find you in the darkness. If you look at him, you lose the game. You can either make it day or night. The game is Slender: The Eight Pages. Slender Man is pale white, tall and thin, has different limbs, and can stretch out tentacles behind. These people may be average citizens who are secretly members of a Slender Man cult. This usually applies to cults that do live among normal society, instead of the cults that live in small forest communities, who do so in order to be closer to their master/ leade

Slender Man is an internet meme and urban legend, first gaining stardom in the Something Awful forums, and branching out across the web as a figure that has established his own myths.. He is popularly viewed as some sort of malevolent demon that abducts and psychologically traumatizes people, particularly children Slenderman is one of the most dangerous killers in the game due to being able to instantly kill players. He spawns in the Slenderman's Cage, a small room located in the Large Corridor in Classic Mode.The Slenderman's Cage is directly opposite the Main Corridor. Slenderman, although fairly slow, is rather nimble and can round corners easily. He also covers a good amount of ground in a decent. Slender Man is a popular internet meme and a Creepypasta character. Slender is a supernatural creature with nebulously defined characteristics and abilities. 1 Appearance 2 Abilities 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 External Links Slender Man is a tall humanoid creature in a black or grey suit, red or black tie, and white shirt. His face is totally white, completely devoid of facial features. He has no.

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<-Back-- Slender Man is a well known Creepypasta monster who originated form the Something Awful forums. Slender Man uses the Conniver's Kunai that deals 238 damage to players and buildings he also uses a Invis Watch. Slender Man will darken the whole map for players and if he is not in view of players he will move at 100% speed but if in view of players he will move slower. Slender man is. Slender Man is the main antagonist of the 2012 horror game Slender: The Eight Pages and their 2013 Slender: The Arrival remake/sequel. He is a tall gray faceless being who kills its inhabitants. 1 History 1.1 Before 1.2 Slender: The Eight Pages 1.3 Slender: The Arrival 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Powers 5 Trivia Although he doesn't know much about Slender Man's origins and how he ended up in.

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The Slender Man was a celebrity of sorts from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, one who became infamous for crimes committed prior to the Rake Trials of '09. After that, his life became a living hell when he met up with the man named Markiplier. 1 Background 2 Biography 3 Appearances 4.. Un jour un meme est né sur le web, et son nom est Slenderman. Créature à visage blanc et au corps très long, cette créature kidnappe différentes personnes pour des raisons encore inconnues; certaines pastas sont basées sur cette chose, il y a eu des jeux, des morceaux de musique, des poupées, beaucoup de goodies sur un monstre. Mais une question reste en suspens. D'où vient. The Slender Man is a 2014 psychological horror film produced by Lions Gate Entertainment and starring John Lithgow as the titular Slender Man. The film incorporates many aspects of the Slender Man mythos, including content from the Something Awful forums, various CreepyPasta stories, the Slender video games, and the Marble Hornets series. The film takes place in two time periods: the present. Wiz: But in reaction speeds, Slender Man surprisingly wins out. A bullet fired by a 9mm bullet would be much faster than a bullet train, a bullet can move at 380 m/s, while a bullet train only moves at 55 m/s. So, Slender Man could react at speeds faster than Pennywise could move. Boomstick: So it was kind of even Slender Man is a villain made popular on the internet, who first gained stardom in the Something Awful forums and branching out across the web as a figure that has established his own mythos: he is popularly believed to be some sort of malevolent fairy or demon that abducts and pyschologically traumatizes people, particularly children.. Facts on the Slender Man

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